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At Atascocita Dance Academy, my daughter has not only learned advanced dance skills and technical terminology, she has learned the value of hard work, how to overcome personal challenges, dedication, how to win and lose gracefully, and how to be a teammate and friend. Her directors love, encourage, correct, and guide her in dance skills and life skills with the same passion and gentleness that a parent does with their own children. We are so proud that thankful to be a part of the ADA family!!

-Courtney Peterson

I brought my daughter to ADA the year they opened  (2012) because we were looking for a studio to help my tall somewhat gangly youngest daughter develop into the beautiful graceful dancer she dreamed of being. We stayed all these years because of the family atmosphere, the friends she and I have made and the challenging instructors who have helped her grow as a dancer. She was more than prepared for her high school dance team where she is currently a dance officer and is hoping to be selected as the colonel next year. She is currently investigating college dance options and may even select dance instructing as a career. While the girls on the dance teams have to compete against each other if they do solos and such they are the first to congratulate each other's victories. Whether you are looking for a studio for a beginner dancer who just wants to see what it is all about or you have an experienced dancer looking to take their dance to the next level this is an excellent choice!

-Holly Schoettlin

My daughter started dancing at ADA when she was six years old. Five years have passed and my daughter is still eager to go to dance. Mrs. Ray is an exceptional director and the staff is wonderful. I truly consider my family, specifically my daughter, blessed to have found such a wonderful studio. Thank you for all you do!​

-Sylvia Perez 

For over 5 years, ADA has been our home away from home. We are truly blessed to have found such a wonderful place to help our daughter blossom into such a well rounded young woman. Between life's ups and downs, our ADA family has always been here for us with unconditional love. Here's to many more to come!

-The Hastings 

ADA is the best of the best! We were dancing with a different studio for several years, but felt there was something lacking. Coming to ADA, we immediately saw a difference. From the front desk staff- who are always so kind, the teachers- who make dancing fun, yet challenging, to the owner- who genuinely cares about you and your daughter, this studio is like no other! My daughter looks forward to coming to dance every week, and values the relationships she has with her teachers and peers. ADA has become our second home and we truly love our dance family!

-Audrey Veiga



After a lot of looking, I am so happy I found ADA. My daughter (3) has been loving "ballerina school". Every week she comes out of class happy and excited to come back. The teachers use the real ballet terms and my little one walks around practicing the moves and saying their names. We are very happy to be part of the ADA family!
-Crystal Gibbs


ADA has been nothing but amazing for our girls. My oldest who is 6 had never done organized activities and we were so worried about putting her in dance of any kind because of the costume requirements so when I found ADA and saw on the website that
they specifically pick costumes that are not revealing... it was a done deal! That was just the tip of the iceberg. From the flexibility of being able to make up classes missed, try or switch to new ones, amazing communication from Ms Leslie at the from about billing,
schedule etc... it is exactly what we were looking for. Ms Rays updates are always so helpful and Informative, she covers all the bases! The teachers at ADA are SO kind and upbeat, they are always so happy to see the kids, so patient with them and very supportive. My youngest daughter has now started at ADA and she wants to go everyday! Thank you ADA for being an amazing studio for our kids!
-Katy Crabtree

I definitely recommend Atascocita Dance Academy! This will be my daughter’s 3rd  year with ADA, and she loves it. Mrs. Ray and her team are not only amazing dance instructors, but they also help the students develop skills that will help them prosper in life. When my daughter started at the age of 4, she was shy and did not want to
leave my side, but with the help of her instructors she has come out of her shell and is blossoming into a great dancer. I love the family feel of the studio, and the way the staff cares for the children. You will not be disappointed when you join, Atascocita Dance Academy is great!

-Proud dance Mom Alexandria V.


We LOVE ADA. We are a new family here at Atascocita Dance Academy. My daughter is 3 years old and started ballet roughly 3 months ago. My daughter looks forward to attending her class every week, and when she leaves she is always talking about her
teachers (who are so nice and very patient with the little ones). As an African American women one thing that is always important for me with my children is representation. I love for my children to be able to connect with people from all backgrounds and races. I’m always nervous about her being the only “brown girl” and being treated different or just feeling different because of that. Well when we arrived to her first class I was so happy to see just how diverse not only the dancers are but also the instructors. Representation matters! This made me happy. Thank you Atascocita Dance for providing my daughter with a space to learn, have fun, and be herself.
-Jazmon Alexander


My daughter, Maci, has been dancing at ADA for 7 years now.  The technique and growth was instant!  She learned how to do an aerial her first year with ADA!  She performed her first solo with ADA on the competitive team her first year with the studio as they gave her the confidence to do so.  The studio teaches the girls more than just
dance...they teach the girls how to be independent and take critiques to better themselves.  They learn from every performance because they get REAL feedback, the good and fuzzy feelings but also ways to improve their performance and technique each and every time!  ADA is a home away from home for my daughter and now she is being
molded into a teacher at the studio!  Thank you ADA for building my daughter not only into an amazing dancer but also an independent hard working young lady!
-Amy Heffernan


This is our second year with ADA and we LOVE it!! The facility is great, the location is close, the tuition is very reasonable but best of all the teachers/staff are the BEST!! My dancer is 7, she’s been in some form of dance since she was 3. We were looking around for a new dance studio a couple to years ago and we decided to join ADA because the owners are church family!!  We started with ballet but have moved to hip hop, so much fun! Even though the pandemic, the ballet teacher kept engagement with virtual classes.  My daughter really looks forward to going to dance every week and ADA is like family. If you’re looking for a dance studio, this one is the best in the area!
-Ashley Stidham


We have been with ADA for a year now and I can’t say enough great things about the organization! My daughter has thrived since leaving her last dance studio and coming here. I have recognized a HUGE amount of progress in her skill set and she has started to open up more socially. I give all the credit to the instructors! All of them are amazing, they create great bonds with all the dancers and I know I have my daughter in the best hands with each of them. If you are looking for a studio, Atascocita Dance is definitely the place to be!
-Hayley Arceneaux


My two daughters, 10 & 12, have been dancing on the competition teams at ADA for 4years. They take a variety of classes from ballet and jazz to acro, contemporary, modern, and pointe. We moved to ADA from another dance school to find a higher level of dance technique and are very happy with the decision. The girls have come so far since the change. Their leaps and turns have dramatically improved, as well as, overall strength, balance, and musicality. We are at ADA several days a week and my girls couldn’t be happier!
-Monique Sanches


After a lot of looking, I am so happy I found ADA. My daughter (3) has been loving "ballerina school". Every week she comes out of class happy and excited to come back. The teachers use the real ballet terms and my little one walks around practicing the moves and saying their names. We are very happy to be part of the ADA family!
-Crystal Gibbs

Alumni reviews

Hey y’all! My name is Taylor Montgomery and I danced at Atascocita Dance Academy in middle school and throughout high school. ADA’s attention to details allowed me to become an officer on the Atascocita High School Patriettes and subsequently Captain. I just graduated from Rice University and I am now the Rice Owls Dance Team interim director. My time at ADA was spent with so
many laughs and I was challenged to become a better dancer with every class! I believe I would have never become the dancer I am today without the love and support of Mrs. Rayburn and her staff. It’s more than just dance with Mrs. Ray; ADA curates beautiful dancers, fearless leaders, and a wonderful community.

Hey guys my name is Colleen, and I started dancing at ADA since it first opened in 2012 until my senior year of high school in 2019! ADA led me to do amazing things like becoming an officer of the Atascocita Patriettes and eventually Captain my senior year. I was also able to be a part of the Orange Pride Dance Team at Sam Houston State University, only for a short 1 and a half years, but I am still honored and thankful I was a part of the program. ADA is where I have made some of my best friends and has led me to great leadership positions. Mrs. Ray and all of ADAs great teachers have shown me what it is to be a great dancer and person through
hard work and dedication. I am sadly no longer dancing but I will never get away from the dance life so you might see me teaching at ADA here and there! Please join ADA because it will be the best decision you could make!!

Hello! My name is Erin Canavan, and I have been dancing with ADA since they first opened! I was also on junior staff for 3 years. ADA has shaped me into the dancer I am today and has allowed me become a Junior Lieutenant and Co-Captain of my high school dance team. I have now recently signed with the Blinn College Treasures Dance Team. While dancing at ADA I did
not only become a better dancer, but have also shaped into the person I am today. ADA has taught me how to be confident, courageous and how to be a leader. I would not be the dancer and person I am today without the loving support of the whole ADA family!