Competition Teams

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Competition Teams Are Available

Gems: ages 4 - 6
Rubies: ages 7 - 9 
Sapphires: ages 10-12
Diamonds: ages 13-15
Platinum: ages 14 & up

The Gems & Rubies compete 2 dances at 2 local contests.
The Sapphires compete 3 dances at 3 local contests, &/or perhaps an out of town, but in state contest.  They also compete at Nationals.  They also have the option to attend convention.
The Diamonds & Platinum do the same as Sapphires, but they compete 4 dances.  

Team members may not be chosen for all their team's dances.  This is determined after 3 months of work in the summer.  
Team members have the option to do solos, duets, & trios.
Additional team info can be emailed upon request @ [email protected]

These teams focus on precision and technical dance skills.

We are accepting new members for all teams until the end of summer!

Contact the studio office today to find out more!